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Registration Guidelines / Before you register -- Read this.
« Last post by Maine Notary Net on Mon, 02/01/2016 at 01:49 »
The Maine Notary Net is a network for Notaries Public in the state of Maine, USA.

Being this is a regional network, we are checking email addresses that register and those which are CLEARLY NOT in the USA (e.g You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login) will be deleted once we check the lists.

One thing we strongly suggest is that you activate your account as soon as possible THEN create your member profile, with a minimum of your name and your location.

If you find you registered and you were deleted, use the chat feature in upper right corner (when it shows Online, of course) to inform us as to the deletion and why you believe it was done in error.

Another thing you may try to avoid summary deletion is create a post in the Notary Introduction Board, that lists your Real Name, Location, and services you provide.

If you also join the Maine Notary Net's (pay the membership fee) main site, your membership here will be sent to you (so you do not need to register [same username & password for both sections] here and your group type will also be upgraded.

We do check at least every 3 days so if you could log in before and can not now - deletion may have happened - notify us via the chat live in the upper right corner, with the name you used and we can re-create it for you - once we verify you are a Maine Notary Public. Others can join our site as members (say a Notary from another state) but the Paid-Member option is for Maine Notary Publics only as this grants access to the County Boards that out-of-state notaries will never need.

If you wish to join to check out the posts - it is not necessary - you can read the posts in the general areas, but can not post replies or start any topics.

The county boards are to be used by paid members of the Maine Notary Net [see our main site for how to join] for job/networking posts and will be monitored.

We will endeavor to keep this community professional to the best of our abilities.

If you wish to join MNN through this community first, You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login though our main site and we will get you set up on the other section of the website or you can download the attached text file for you to mail or fax your information (fax submissions will not be processed without a payment within 5 business days and will serve as interest only)

Thank You
The Maine Notary Net Staff

A friend of mine had asked me to ICE her cell phone a while ago. She basically needed me to add a special contact into her cell phone so that if she was incapacitated for any reason an emergency contact could be notified.

ICE -- In Case of Emergency, is a worldwide campaign to get people to place an emergency contact into their cell phones. This is so that if we are ever in an accident or unable to communicate with emergency responders, a contact can be notified

There is a website with more information: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login that sells a red sticker to place on your phone to alert emergency personnel that you have adopted an ICE protocol.

We as notaries public are on the road often for our work and most of us carry a cell phone anyways, so why not make it easier for emergency services personnel to assist you if (god forbid) something should happen to you.

Check out the website listed above and get your sticker and gain some peace of mind. The site has instructions on how to ICE your phone.

We well and Be Safe

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