About us

This page contains information on the whole of the Maine Notary Net and our sister sites. Our main office staff is the Founder, the Eastern Maine VP and the Western Maine VP. We run many websites to facilitate separation and less of a security loss if the site should collapse (only one part would die not the entire system).

Notaries Public that are part of the Maine Notary Net have contact information listed on our You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login page.

Notaries are sorted by their home county. The Brief Info will contain a page link on their name to a more detailed infopage. So check out our member notaries as well.

Administration Staff: To contact us use the phone number on the logo image and the extension listed below.

TitleID# / ExtensionLast, First MIForum Profile
Founder:1Z01 / 11901Carman, Kevin MYou are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
Eastern Maine VP:1Z02 / 11902Ellis, Deborah A.
Western Maine VP:1Z03 / 11903Andle, Robert J.